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CNET (stylized as c|net), formerly Computer Network, is an American media website that publishes reviews, news, articles, blogs, podcasts, and videos on technology and consumer electronics globally. Founded in 1994 by Halsey Minor and Shelby Bonnie, it was the flagship brand of CNET Networks and became a brand of CBS Interactive through that unit's acquisition of CNET Networks in 2008.

CNET claims that this software is free of spyware, but independent sources have confirmed that this is not the case. While is overall a safe place to download programs, precautions should be taken before downloading from the site, as some downloads do contain malware. In 2011, CNET and CBS Interactive were sued by a coalition of artists (led by FilmOn founder Alki David) for copyright infringement by promoting the download of LimeWire, a popular peer to peer downloading software. Although the original suit was voluntarily dropped by Alki David, he vowed to sue at a later date to bring "expanded" action against CBS Interactive. In November 2011, another lawsuit against CBS Interactive was introduced, claiming that CNET and CBS Interactive knowingly distributed LimeWire, the file sharing software.


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Mike B says

"Horrible site. Loaded with ads and my god can they not write 9 million articles on the sane subject?. Everytime there us a stimulus check tglhey write a million of tge same articles. Useless site"

aj l says

"Ancient collection of millenials sucking Google and apples spyware hardware junk, tiresome and old"

Colman Archant says

"cnet pop up porn ads forced onto screen through microsoft notification bar. this clearly shows the trend being imposed on children - BEWARE - . I've told microsoft and cnet but they put obstacles in the way making it difficult to contact them."

Tenley White says

"Awful site with recycled content to gain website traffic. Brilliant for the way they are using SEO, but they are doing that to lure readers to their misinformed articles that reference zero facts. Do not trust articles from this site, it is not a credible news source."

aLphameL says

"wow— the redundant, copy-and-pasted, lackadaisical crap they churn out and recycle as up-to-date news still fools people? i guess many are too dumb to navigate to Page 2 of a Google search. what an embarrassment this company has turned out to be."

Jacob says

"Be careful when downloading from CNET. Download apps from their official websites."

Shaun says

"Lazy, uninformed reporting. They rehash year old articles without an update. For a tech company, this is shameful. Their reviews often go against the mainstream and real user reviews, suggesting they are all paid reviews. I do not trust this company anymore. Neither should you."

Geoff Davids says

"Awful site, tried to use to look up the night vision mode on the pixel 3, got served a webpage that was 50% ads that loaded excruciatingly slowly and made the page continuously jump down as they loaded in. The actually information on the page was spread out so thinly it was very hard to tell what was advert and what was info pictures. They honestly alternated. And on top of that, after each tiny paragraph I got an Amazon link to buy the phone. Dear f**king god. Never again"

Andrew Jay says

"Once upon a time CNET was the place to go for informed, unbiased reviews. Easy to navigate and a valuable tool to use before making electronics purchases. No more. Once it became the property of CBS the decline was underway. It now fits the definition of a useless website. Navigation is pointless, searches of the site never bring you to the information you are looking for. The reviews lack any critical insights, 4 stars seems to be the default. The site has devolved into a giant marketing tool. What a shame."

N. van Thunder says

"Crap company, fake reviews and even more fake (and often malware infected) software. It's about time this site gets blocked by virusscanners for being malicious."

Bazoo says

"Should be sued for defamation."

Philip Marc says

"So recently one of the legacy media's CNET journalist made an article about "angry" YouTube gamers which this journalist didn't even explain why they were angry, just that they were. Furthermore, while he did mention several "angry" YouTube gamers he focused specifically on TheQuartering and he made sure that advertisers pulled out from advertising on TQ's video. Context? Who needs that! Legacy media is a thing of the past now and they're mostly irrelevant because no one watches or reads their articles anymore so they do these hit pieces to gain attraction. CNET, I remember you from a decade ago or more but now you're just a relic of the past trying to be relevant."

Jose Vazquez says

"Cnet is trash for their fake journalism and reviews. Latest debacle, angry youtubers.... sigh. They bash the youtubers vehemently protesting against their generating of ad revenue. Even going as so far to sabotage what is a genuine gaming journalism by contacting ad agencies in an attempt to remove ads from the channels. You call them hypocritical and they delete your comment. Never mind the reviews that speak for themselves. I wish i could give less than 1 star."

S Pennell says

"Agree with all the reviews. Where do you go instead of CNET for reviews of tech equipment?"

Rick says

"Finally pulled the pin on Cnet, the website has become virtually unusable. I do not know what they are doing in the background but its so bloated now. Takes minutes for pages to load, and the autoplay videos just continuously get in the way, reminds me of the dial up days honestly. Scrolling takes forever, and is disjointed and broken. I know it's not my machine, as it does it on all three of mine, plus my work laptop. Thinking they are maybe trying to throttle users that run an adblocker, I disabled and it is still slow. My work computer does not use adblockers so more proof it's not that. Anyone have a good streamlined alternative to Cnet?"

Benjamin says

"News from this place is so rehashed, it's annoying to see the same types of articles pop up with different worded headlines."

alruna12 says

"CNET used to pop in my feed because one of the things I read about is games. Their articles were always just... not good so I got used to scrolling over them. What made me actively remove them from my feed is their latest attempt to destroy YouTubers that actually do good video game journalism and critiques. It's a dishonest lying hit piece. As someone who has a degree in journalism it always sadens me to see this. (English is not my first language)."

Trent Ainsley says

"I like CNET for their PC reviews and information on new mobile devices. The only thing I don't like is the bombardment of advertising and pop-ups.."

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